K計劃 Project K



Project K創作團隊: 鍾惠恩、張景威、吳家俊、吳鎮杰、何舒婷
Project Team: Chung Wai Ian, Reds Cheung, Ng Ka Chun, Andy Ng, Nana Ho

計劃源自於一個簡單的概念— 藝術家到底可以做些什麼令農村生活得到認同?同時設 想農村的真實需要。

來至MUDwork的兩位年輕藝術家,近年由市區搬到錦田,活在香港的桃花源,了解當地的人 物事宜。當他們知道附近的生活館需要建一所旱廁時,我們都被旱廁這種建築背後的象徵意義 吸引。順理成章,旱廁成為我們今次合作計劃的一個重要元素。

試想像當我們所建的廁所不再是排污系統眾多入口的一個,而是盛載土地需要的容器。跟農鄉 生活一樣,旱廁所代表的不應是落後、簡陋或臨時,更應代表永續的生活態度。參考國外的例 子,興建旱廁是一門專業,公司之間的競爭除了產品舒適實用外,還包含可持續性等對環境作 考慮的因素。縱使我們沒有辦法大量興建旱廁,但都想透過旱廁給我們的啓示,轉化成一個符 號,用藝術計劃傳遞。因此我們所建立的不只是解決排污功能的建築,它是個訊息。

計劃嘗試經營旱廁背後的象徵意義。當經營順利,「收成」之時,我們將可以出品「旱廁菜」、 「旱廁果醬」、「旱廁酒」等,與將日常生活和土地割裂的香港人分享桃花源土壤旳甘甜。

This project comes from a simple idea: How can artists make rural life to be recognized?

When we are told that Sangwoodgoon need a composting toilet, we are interested in finding out the significance and meaning behind it. Imagine that our toilet is no longer just an entrance of the sewage system, it can also be a container that holds the necessities of the land. Similar to rural life, instead of representing laggard, primitiveness and temporariness, composting toilet should be symbolizing the attitude of sustainable development. Even though we cannot build a great number of composting toilets, we would still like to deliver the message with the help of the art.

In this plan, we are trying to operate the symbolic meaning behind composting toilet. Upon harvesting, we are expected to produce vegetables, jam and wine. In this way, we can share our fruits with Hong Kong citizens, who live in urban areas and rarely get in touch with farmland.


Big thanks to everyone who helped to construct the toilet and make this project realized!
Special thanks to Sangwoodgoon to support the site as well!

生活館的農夫給我們介紹建旱厠的地方原來的模樣Farmer from Sangwoodgoon told us about the site for building the composting toilet.P1220255P1220306P1220408P1220370P1220336P1220488P1220467P1220562IMG_1311P1220691P1220711