此外,近年他參與了多個公共/社區藝術計劃,包括「港鐵。藝術」、「邂逅!山川人」、「M+ Rover」計劃等。作品「水泥乒乓球枱」於藝術推廣辦事處「公共藝術計劃2015」中獲選。
Hong Kong based artist. Ng Ka Chun received his BA from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2008.. His art unsettles city dwellers’ relationship with nature. In many of his works, he puts a spin on ready-made objects, presenting an alternative perspective that challenges the commonly accepted way of life. He also responds to social issues concerning fast-paced development in the city and preservation with interventional installations. In recent years, he has participated in several public/community art projects including Art in MTR ,“Hi! Hill”,  M+ Rover and etc. The work “Cement Ping Pong Table” was selected in the Project of Art Promotion Office “Public Art Scheme 2015”.


2005 –08 |Hong Kong Baptist University |Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts

Commissioned Project
2018|Chuen Long Village, APO, HK|HI! HILL!(group)

2018 |M+ Rover

2017 |MTR |Art in MTR

2016 |A walk with A3|Pretend that I live in here

2016 |Art Promotion Office |Public Art Scheme 2015 (group)

2012 |Art Promotion Office |Art in the Government Building

Artist in Residence
2014 |BAE Opensapce, Busan, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018|Tai Sang Wai fish pond, HK|Fish Pond Sustainable Art Festival(group)

2017|1a space, HK|A Pseudo Presence – Remaking Hong Kong History

2017|Casphalt, HK|Chopsticktale(group)

2016|Ping Che, HK |  The 2nd Emptyscape Art Festival – ‘Beyond the Village School’

2016|1a space, HK | Moving Bricks(group)

2015|HKICC | A Plane – Kowloon City Community Art and Story ExhibitionImagine

2015|Para site HK | There’s no country, above us only our city

2015 | Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, HK | Affordable Art Basel

2015 | Sangwoodgoon, x C&G Artpartment,, HK | In Search of the Peachland(group)

2015 | Oil Street Art Space, HK | I Wanna Eat Yummy Yummy

2014 | Oil Street Art Space, HK | In-situ(group)

2014 | OpenSpace, Busan & Jeju Island, Korea | Local to Local

2014 | The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage, HK | In search of coastline

2014 | Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza | The Free Marketeers(group)

2013 | West Kowloon Cultural District x MAD, HK | Freespace(group)

2013 | Mi Casa Su Casa, Singapore | My Home is Your Home

2013 | Visiting Our Farms Arts Exhibition | Tuen Mum Plaza, HK

2013 | Cattle Depot Artist Village, HK | I think it rains

2013 | Ping Che Village School Art Festival, HK | Grounded: Ping Yeung School of Art

2012 | Art Promotion Office | FRESH VISION – art@Government Building

2012 | Osage, HK | Philosopher’s (knock-off) Stone : Turning Gold Into Plastic

2012 | Goethe-Institut, Art Centre, HK | Exhibition under a breeze

2012 | SOUTHSITE, HK | Scalable Strategies

2012 | Exhibition Gallery of HK Cultural Centre, HK | Superb Meaningless Invention Exhibition

2012 | Central Library, HK | Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial 2012

2012 | A.Lift, Shenzhen, China | Shed

2011 | Langford120, Australia | 100

2011 | Gallery Exit, HK | There are trees above